Being the Joy you Truly Be! Package

This package is jam packed with all the information and clearing you need to bring you to the state of Being Joy that you Truly Be!

Item #1

Embodying Joy (2 hour mp3)
This mp3 is two hours of power packed clearings on things holding you back from being joy! At the end we go through an amazing journey that will bring you in to a state of being joy and experiencing your oneness with the Universe! This mp3 includes clearings on

  • Being sad to validate other people’s realities (including your parents)
  • Fitting in with this reality
  • Being in total allowance of others choices
  • Embracing the choices you’ve made in the past
  • And so much more…

Item #2

Embodying Joy Group Tele-call (2 hours)
For all you amazing people who get this package, I am excited to invite you to a 2 hour group tele-call on Embodying Joy where you can get your specific questions answered and blocks to embodying joy cleared! How does it get any better than that? =)

Item #3

Ending Judgment of and Changing Your Body Classes #1 – #4 (8+ hours)
4 MP3s that are each over two hours long that will provide you with the tools and clearings to truly get out of judgment of your body, change what it is that you would like to change with your body and get out of all the points-of-view about what you believe is healthy and unhealthy so you can have total ease with your body

Item #4

Ending Judgment of and Changing Your Body While You Sleep #1 – #4 (4 hours)
4 MP3s that you can listen to while you sleep or on low-volume while you are working, eating or just going about your day. How much change can you receive listening to these loop tracks over and over again each time receiving a clearing on new layers?

Item #5

Dealing with Stress and Family Judgments (2 Hours)
How many of you limit your life and what you choose based on how your family will react to your choices? In this 2 hour recording, we go through massive amounts of clearing dealing with stress, ending and clearing out grief, becoming in allowance of family judgments and also provides you the tools to create a life of greater ease around the things that bring you stress and your family. There are also tools included on getting rid of the depression, sadness and stress that you are picking up from the world around you.

Other topics included are:

  • Commitments and Obligations to family
  • M&M Other”s Stress as your own
  • Clearing out Grief around death and people leaving you
  • Clearing out the trauma, drama, projections and expectations you have and have experienced with family gatherings
  • Getting out of the wrongness of you
  • Not being vested in other people”s choices
  • And so much more…

Item #6

Relationship Sexplosion: Blast your paradigm of Sex and Relationships out of the water! (3 hour mp3)

  • Sexual Trauma and Drama
  • The wrongness of being in or wanting to leave a relationship
  • Every Decision, Conclusion, Judgment and Computation you have on what a relationship is?
  • All the Trauma and Drama related to past relationships
  • Clearing out points of view and judgments about Twin Flames, Soulmate, The One and Perfect Relationships
  • Clearing out the judgments of controlling or being controlled in a relationship
  • Ways to choose for yourself in your relationships
  • Ways to enjoy relationships

Item #7

Getting Rid of Self Sabotage Anger Shame and Finally Having Joy (90 minute mp3)

  • Many more clearings on:
  • Getting Rid of Self Sabotage
  • Getting Rid of Anger
  • Getting Rid of Shame
  • And ways to Finally Have and Be Joy!

All of this, over 21 hours of amazing clearing audios and a 2 Hour Tele-call for only $97! How does it get any better than that? If it feels light to you, click the add to cart button below and then checkout on the right!the right!